Covid 19 and us... in these very strange times we all have to change the way we live and work, rest assured that we at Roy Watkins Photography take your safety very seriously and we will adhere to any social distancing if required, we still are very alive and kicking so to speak! If you have any concerns about photography for families, weddings, Christenings etc please contact us we can hopefully put your mind at rest!

Whether it's in a family party, a music festival or a corporate event people like to see themselves and their friends on a photograph. We both feel it's important to take more photographs of the things and people that meant a lot, by doing so, preserve the present and future with a pictorial record of who and what we are. Camera phones have come a long way in the last few years, but they can't adequately do justice to long term memories and fine art and how many people print pics these days?   

I am a member of the Society of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and a past member of Llanelli Photographic Society (The oldest in Wales...) and if there's any advice I can give to someone who wants to improve their photography...join a club! You'll get tons of help and learn much about the art of photography.  I have a BSc and an 'A' level in photography. I have taken courses with Canon Cameras and various other training seminars.

I have taken official photographs for St. Clears Town Council including a Royal visit a few years ago with the Duke of Edinburgh, the Welsh Assembly Government, as well as other corporate events and presentations. I am very much involved with St Clears Twinning Association and have produced audio visual records of visits including a visit to The Somme and Flanders a couple of years ago.